We are proudly owned by a member of the Nebraska National Guard

We are proudly owned by a member of the Nebraska National Guard


Our Values:

  1. Always moral, ethical, and legal

  2. Treat all with respect and care

  3. Competitive and persistent drive to be the best

  4. Freedom and responsibility within a culture of individual discipline

  5. Always do what you say you will do when you say you will do it

Mission Statement: To better our communities through the power of business and empowerment of our employees

Vision Statement: Nemonian Enterprises will change the manner in which businesses behave by setting a new standard for employee treatment, business innovation, and community service.

The Omaha Photo Booth Company will support this vision by enhancing the joy and memories captured at events within the community and allowing local businesses to generate additional revenue to re-invest into the local community.

Our Company: The Omaha Photo Booth Company is a sub-company of Nemonian Enterprises, LLC. As such, we hold ourselves to the same standard of employee care, ethics, and customer service as any company within the Nemonian Enterprises, LLC umbrella.

At Omaha Photo Booth Company we pride ourselves on our standards and ethics. It’s why we send a copy of it with every sales agreement!

Many companies traditionally follow a Vision-Mission-Values approach to figuring out how their company will go. We believe differently. We believe that the Values of an organization will define it’s mission and show the way to it’s vision, or simply put, a Values-Mission-Vision method.